Analytical Tools for Investigating Stability and Power Generation of Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesters


This paper presents a general linear methodology for analyzing how the choice of electrical load affects stability and average power generation of an electromagnetic vibration energy harvester. Using bond graph techniques, the complete electromechanical harvesting system is modeled as a dynamically equivalent electrical circuit and ultimately recast as a feedback Control System. This modeling approach permits the use of well-established linear management tools to assess the overall stability of the energy harvesting system. These tools are used to point out: 1) why the load that would lead to most power transfer from the harvester to the load, as established by the maximum power transfer theorem (MPTT), can only be achieved at a single frequency, and a couple of) how to make sure the system will invariably stay stable if the harvester is utilized in conjunction with an energetic load. Moreover, the presented modeling approach allows development of the power harvesting ratio-an analytical methodology for quantifying the harvester's power generation when multi-frequency excitation is concerned. A custom harvester was created for experimental analysis of the ability harvesting ratio when varying: 1) the electrical load hooked up across the harvester leads and a couple of) the multifrequency vibrations used to excite the harvester.

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