A New Adaptive Backup Protection Scheme Based on Intelligent Electronic Devices


A new adaptive interphase backup protection scheme based mostly on intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) is proposed during this paper. When the system is in traditional operation state, the backup protection areas are divided in keeping with the operation status and topology of the first and secondary devices in the ability grid. When fault is detected within the system, each IED will hunt for the other IEDs in the identical protection space and exchange the voltage and current synchronized phasor data with them. On this basis, the adaptive action factor is built consistent with the proportional relationship between the part voltage difference and part current after the fault. Then, by comparing and analyzing totally different characteristics of the adaptive action factor in traditional operation state and in fault state, the adaptive interphase backup protection can be realized. Simulation results verify that the proposed methodology is able to spot the fault quick and accurately. It's highly sensitive to completely different varieties of interphase faults and might operate reliably even when the fault location, system structure, or system operation mode changes.

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