In Vivo Testing of Circularly Polarized Implantable Antennas in Rats


2 types of miniaturized circularly polarized (CP) implantable antennas are tested in a rat to analyze the consequences of the live tissue on the antenna performance. The two implantable antennas are designed for Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) (2.4–a pair of.48 GHz) biomedical applications. The primary implantable helical antenna is initially designed in an exceedingly one-layer muscle phantom for ingestible capsule endoscope systems. The second implantable patch antenna is meant during a one-layer skin phantom for wireless implantable devices with a fastened implant position. The footprint of the proposed antennas are and , respectively. The two antennas were surgically implanted into the rat at Singapore Institute for Neurotechnology. The measured results in the rat were compared to the simulated ones in the one-layer phantom to judge the sensitivity of the antennas.

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