Passive Metasurface for Reflectionless and Arbitary Control of Electromagnetic Wave Transmission


Electromagnetic (EM) wave propagation control is a vital issue for each science and engineering. A metasurface is a synthetic surface composed of electrically small scatterers. Of late, metasurfacing has been an rising and promising technique for controlling wave propagation. Ancient metasurfaces mainly use surface reactances and typically replicate waves when manipulating wave transmission or refraction. During this paper, a passive metasurface using both surface reactance and positive surface resistance is proposed, which can not solely manipulate wave transmission magnitude and section independently and absolutely however also suppress wave reflection simultaneously. Furthermore, reflectionless refraction will additionally be achieved with the proposed passive metasurface. The complete style theory is established for the passive metasurface. Theoretical analysis, prototypes, simulation, and experimental validation are demonstrated. The reflectionless feature of a passive metasurface is important for avoiding multiple wave reflections and interference between stages in EM systems. It also allows novel wave transmission cascade manipulation and may have potential applications in highly directive radiation.

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