Robotic Handling of Surgical Instruments in a Cluttered Tray


We tend to developed a unique robotic manipulation system that accurately singulates surgical instruments in an exceedingly cluttered environment. A unique single-read pc vision algorithm identifies the next instrument to grip from a cluttered pile and a compliant electromagnetic gripper picks up the identified instrument. System is validated through intensive experiments. This analysis was motivated by the challenges of perioperative process in hospitals nowadays. Current process of instrument counting, sorting, and sterilization is highly labor intensive. Improperly sterilized instruments have resulted in many cases of infections. To deal with these challenges, an integrated robotic system for sorting instruments in a very cluttered tray is designed and implemented. A digital camera is used to capture an image of a cluttered tray. A novel single-view vision algorithm is employed to detect the instruments and determine the top instrument. Position and orientation of the prime instrument is transferred to a robot. A compliant electromagnetic gripper is developed to finish the gripping. Experiments have demonstrated high success rate of each instrument recognition and manipulation. In the longer term, error handling wants to be any reinforced under various exceptions for better robustness.

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