An Empirical Study of HTTP-based Financial Botnets


Cyber criminals are covertly attacking essential infrastructures, and botnets are a typical part of these attacks. In recent years, botnets are shifting their focus from broad-based mostly attacks to more targeted ones such as attacking monetary institutions, particularly banks. The first reason for this shift towards money institutions is that, where the money is. We tend to present an empirical study of the components, features and operations of a number of the most widely deployed HTTP-primarily based financial botnets (such as Zeus, SpyEye, ICE 1X, Citadel, Carberp, Tinba, Bugat and Shylock). Our study provides important insights into the planning of those botnets and should facilitate the safety community to get intelligence and develop a lot of robust security solutions to defend against cyber attacks by these botnets. Additionally, our comparative analysis of insidious techniques per Command and Control (C&C) communication, system exploitation and knowledge exfiltration additionally provides a good and a holistic read of the capabilities of HTTP-based mostly financial botnets. This study additionally highlights the evolution of varied HTTP-based mostly monetary botnets over a period of your time. Finally, we tend to discuss security solutions which will facilitate mitigate a number of the techniques employed by HTTP-based mostly financial botnets.

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