Proof of ownership in deduplicated cloud storage with mobile device efficiency


Cloud storage like Dropbox and Bitcasa is one in every of the most popular cloud services. Currently, with the prevalence of mobile Cloud Computing, users will even collaboratively edit the newest version of documents and synchronize the most recent files on their smart mobile devices. A remarkable feature of current cloud storage is its virtually infinite storage. To support unlimited storage, the cloud storage provider uses information deduplication techniques to scale back the information to be stored and therefore reduce the storage expense. Moreover, the use of information deduplication conjointly helps significantly reduce the necessity for bandwidth and therefore improve the user experience. Nevertheless, regardless of the above advantages, data deduplication has its inherent security weaknesses. Among them, the most severe is that the adversary may have an unauthorized file downloading via the file hash solely. In this text we 1st review the previous solutions and determine their performance weaknesses. Then we propose an alternate design that achieves cloud server potency and especially mobile device potency.

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