Compact Model of Subvolume MTJ and Its Design Application at Nanoscale Technology Nodes


The present-induced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy magnetic tunnel junctions (p-MTJs) provide a range of benefits, such as high density and high speed. As p-MTJs downscale to $sim 40$ nm, further performance enhancements can be realized thanks to high spin-torque potency, i.e., lower essential current density and better thermal stability. During this paper, we investigate the origin of high spin-torque efficiency and provide a phenomenological theory to describe the essential current reduction due to the subvolume activation. Primarily based on varied physical theories and structural parameters, a compact model of nanoscale MTJ is developed and demonstrates a satisfactory agreement with experimental results. Dynamic, static, and stochastic switching behaviors have been addressed and validated. Then, we tend to perform mixed simulations for hybrid MTJ/CMOS read/write circuits, magnetic random access memory, and magnetic flip-flop to judge their performance. Analyses of energy consumption are given to point out the prospect of MTJ technology node miniaturization.

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