Control-Theoretic Methods for Cyberphysical Security: Geometric Principles for Optimal Cross-Layer Resilient Control Systems


Cyberphysical systems integrate physical processes, computational resources, and Communication capabilities. Cyberphysical systems have permeated modern society, becoming prevalent in many domains, including energy production, health care, and telecommunications. Examples of cyberphysical systems include sensor networks, industrial automation systems, and critical infrastructures such as transportation networks, power generation and distribution networks, water and gas distribution networks, and advanced manufacturing systems. The integration of cybertechnologies with physical processes increases system efficiencies and, at the same time, introduces vulnerabilities that undermine the reliability of critical infrastructures. As recently highlighted by the Maroochy water breach in March 2000 [1], multiple recent power blackouts in Brazil [2], the SQL Slammer worm attack on the Davis-Besse nuclear plant in January 2003 [3], the StuxNet computer worm in June 2010 [4], and various industrial security incidents [5], cyberphysical systems are prone to failures and attacks on their physical infrastructure and cyberattacks on their data management and Communication layer [6], [7].

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