EEG-Based Perceived Tactile Location Prediction


Previous studies have tried to investigate the peripheral neural mechanisms implicated in tactile perception, however the neurophysiological knowledge in humans concerned in tactile spatial location perception to assist the brain orient the body and interact with its surroundings don't seem to be well understood. During this paper, we use single-trial electroencephalogram (EEG) measurements to explore the perception of tactile stimuli located on participants' right forearm, that were approximately equally spaced targeted on the body midline, two leftward and 2 rightward of midline. An EEG-based signal analysis approach to predict the situation of the tactile stimuli is proposed. Offline classification suggests that tactile location can be detected from EEG signals in single trial (four-category classifier for location discriminate will achieve up to ninety six.76%) with a brief response time (60zero milliseconds after stimulus presentation). From a person's-machine-interaction (HMI) purpose of view, this could be used to style a true-time reactive management machine for patients, e.g., stricken by hypoesthesia.

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