A vacuum tube for the ages


The Human Intranet represents a natural evolution of the smartphone into a system that combines a so much broader set of interface modalities. Learn how this really transforming technology will not only amendment how we tend to interact with our environment but additionally how we observe, operate, and extend ourselves.

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PROJECT TITLE :Field Experiments on Overvoltage Caused by 12-kV Vacuum Circuit Breakers Switching Shunt ReactorsABSTRACT:Insulation failures in dry-type distribution transformers occur frequently and severely when twelve-kV vacuum
PROJECT TITLE :Analysis and design of a high-speed permanent magnet characteristic actuator using eddy current effect for high-voltage vacuum circuit breakerABSTRACT:This study proposes a high-speed permanent magnet actuator (HSPMA)
PROJECT TITLE :Asymmetrical AC field emission current characteristics of vacuum interrupters subjected to inrush currentABSTRACT:Per the IEC standards, check objects in back-to-back capacitor bank switching tests are subjected
PROJECT TITLE :Control and suppression of impulse surface flashover in vacuum based on discharge development mechanismsABSTRACT:Surface discharge on solid insulator in vacuum is one in all the numerous problems for the development
PROJECT TITLE :Recovery of dielectric strength after DC interruption in vacuumABSTRACT:So as to analyze the influence of the electrode separation, arc time and frequency of the reverse current on the breaking capacity of vacuum

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