Distributed Demand Side Management with Energy Storage in Smart Grid


Demand-facet management, together with the mixing of distributed energy storage have an essential role in the process of improving the efficiency and reliability of the power grid. During this paper, we tend to take into account a smart Power System in which users are equipped with energy storage devices. Users can request their energy demands from an energy provider who determines their energy payments based on the load profiles of users. By scheduling the energy consumption and storage of users regulated by a central controller, the energy supplier tries to minimize the square euclidean distance between the instantaneous energy demand and the typical demand of the ability system. The users intend to cut back their energy payment by jointly scheduling their appliances and controlling the charging and discharging method for his or her energy storage devices. We tend to apply game theory to formulate the energy consumption and storage game for the distributed design, in that the players are the users and their methods are the energy consumption schedules for appliances and storage devices. Based mostly on the game theory setup and proximal decomposition, we tend to additionally propose two distributed demand facet management algorithms executed by users in which each user tries to attenuate its energy payment, while still preserving the privacy of users furthermore minimizing the number of required signaling with the central controller. In simulation results, we tend to show that the proposed algorithms give optimality for each energy provider and users.

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