Voice Coil Navigation Sensor for Flexible Silicone Intubation


This paper presents a unique navigation sensor for steering of a flexible tube based on magnetic induction. In several applications, like pipe inspection and medical intubation, the versatile tube has been used for inner surface monitoring and inspection. In particular, for medical intubation that inserts a stomach tube or endoscope, accuracy of locating the versatile tube mainly depends on experienced operators. Although X-ray tomography and oxygen sensors are applied to detect the location of the inserted tube, the implementation is typically time consuming and expensive, an equipment being bulky thus that their sensible applications are restricted. On the contrary, magnetic sensors, giving contact free and compactness in size, are most well-liked in the areas of position/orientation detection. During this study, a compact orientation sensor primarily based on magnetic induction has been developed; each magnetic field generator and detector are designed to reduce the house along the versatile tube. Magnetic mutual inductance is analyzed with the extended-distributed multiple-pole model, and style parameters are optimized to see an operating vary of orientation angles. Performance of the sensor is numerically simulated and compared to experimental results. The results show the accuracy in a very wide operating vary and also the potential in several applications.

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