A cognitive radio indoor HDTV multi-vision system in the TV white spaces


Wireless multi-vision applications for home entertainment are becoming an necessary trend in client electronics domain. Currently, most of the prevailing applications depend upon the 802.11g/n standards, capable to seamlessly stream HD video contents. These standards are operating within the license-free ISM band, which, thanks to the rapid revolution in wireless Communication in past years, is becoming overexploited and experiences serious coexistence problems. The spectrum overcrowding within the free bands puts during a new lightweight the VHF and UHF bands that are currently seen as a promising alternative spectrum resource, particularly in the perspective of the worldwide switchover from analog to digital TV and in the light of the new rising dynamic spectrum access techniques. Among this framework, this paper presents an unlicensed cognitive radio indoor multi-vision system operating within the UHF TV band for brief-range indoor transmission of high definition TV contents. The system depends on a combined exclusive approach of spectrum sensing and geo-location database and is compliant with the DVB-T2 broadcasting customary. A proof-of-concept digital terrestrial television (DTT) compliant prototype has been implemented on a check-bed primarily based on industrial DTT receivers together with software outlined radio hardware devices. Extended measurements performed in an exceedingly real indoor atmosphere assessed the feasibility of the proposed system in terms of coverage and protection of the incumbent users.

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