A Closed-Loop Speed Advisory Model With Driver's Behavior Adaptability for Eco-Driving


Providing drivers with speed advisories is a good eco-driving methodology at signalized intersections. However, all current analysis on speed advisory models has excluded the driving force's behavior issue. During this paper, we focus on developing a speed advisory model that is ready to adapt to the driving force's behavior for eco-driving. First, we tend to propose a closed-loop speed advisory framework, with simulation results to show that this model might not work within the closed-loop implementation. Next, the continuous acceleration with specific high velocity boundary (CAEHV) model is established to address the problems when the present model is used. However, the simulation results for the CAEHV model don't seem to be totally satisfactory due to the existence of oscillations in actual speed trajectories. Third, the CAEHV with coasting (CAEHV-C) model is established, in that the vehicle coasting is applied to supplement cruising to avoid oscillations. Simulation results show that the fuel economy performance of the CAEHV-C model is improved by four% compared with the CAEHV model. It additionally shows that CAEHV-C performs the best in terms of the motive force's behavior adaptability.

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