Experimental Study of Numerical Optimization for 3-D Microstructuring Using DMD-Based Grayscale Lithography


Digital micromirror device (DMD)-based grayscale lithography is a promising tool for 3D photolithography of thick photoresists, because this system provides a patterning solution free-kind 3-d microstructures. Among the many method parameters in DMD-primarily based grayscale lithography, the exposure dose pattern corresponding to the grayscale mask pattern, the focal position in the photoresist, and the event time most strongly influence the final profile of the 3-D microstructure. But, finding the best combination of the 3 method parameters may be a troublesome and time-consuming task. In this paper, we propose a method optimization method for DMD-based mostly grayscale lithography that's based on the three-D photolithography simulation and sensitivity analysis. This optimization tool provides not solely automatic process optimization for all 3 process parameters, i.e., the exposure dose pattern, the focal position, and the development time, but additionally a answer to improve fabrication accuracy for essential features by adopting a variable weight factor. Through a series of experiments, employing a twenty- $mu textm$ -thick positive photoresist, the validity and effectiveness of the proposed optimization method and the development of the fabrication accuracy were successfully demonstrated. [2015-0055]

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