Protection scheme for high-voltage direct-current transmission lines based on transient AC current


This study presents a brand new protection theme for prime-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission lines that solely uses a specific frequency AC current (SFAC) at one in every of the road terminals throughout fault transients. The fluctuation characteristic of the root mean square (RMS) of SFAC is analysed below completely different fault conditions. The fluctuation in the RMS of SFAC during the transient period of internal and external faults is kind of completely different. A fluctuation coefficient (FC) is proposed to live the fluctuation. Fault types and also the faulted line can be distinguished by calculating FC. A HVDC take a look at system modelled in PSCAD/EMTDC is employed to validate the proposed scheme considering totally different fault varieties, operation modes, sampling frequency and interference. Comprehensive take a look at studies show that the performance of the proposed protection theme is inspiring, and it is easier and is of upper reliability compared with some ancient protections primarily based on harmonic currents.

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