8K Terrestrial Transmission Field Tests Using Dual-Polarized MIMO and Higher-Order Modulation OFDM


Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) is conducting analysis on the subsequent-generation of digital terrestrial broadcasting that will enable ultrahigh definition television like 8K. Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology should be able to expand the single-input single-output channel capability. 2x2 MIMO is adopted in ATSC3.0 as an optional method. So as to construct a next-generation terrestrial network using MIMO technology and to make sure an adequate link budget especially as regards the MIMO propagation parameters, two experimental stations have been installed in Hitoyoshi town, Kumamoto, Japan. This system is an extension of the traditional DTV system in Japan, referred to as ISDB-T. NHK conducted 2x2 MIMO field tests using one station and 4x2 MIMO field tests using 2 stations composing a single frequency network (SFN). For the 4x2 MIMO check, a complicated SFN using house time coding was developed. The 2x2 MIMO field tests involved terrestrial 8K transmissions (ninety one Mb/s) over a single UHF band channel (vi MHz bandwidth). The degradation of needed carrier to noise ratio compared to laboratory measurements in dual-polarized MIMO propagation was underneath 3 dB even in non-line-of-sight conditions. The 4x2 MIMO field tests indicated that the required received power of the SFN was up to 3 dB better than that of the conventional SFN.

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