Synergistic Effect of Ionization and Displacement Defects in NPN Transistors Induced by 40-MeV Si Ion Irradiation With Low Fluence


Primarily based on 3DG110 transistors and special gated NPN (GNPN) transistors, the characteristic of the synergistic result between ionization and displacement defects induced by 40-MeV silicon (Si) ions with low fluence was investigated in terms of deep-level transient spectroscopy (DLTS). Nonlinear relationship, created by the synergistic effect, between low fluence and radiation response will be obviously observed within the bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) underneath the exposure of forty-MeV Si ions. The DLTS signals of displacement defect centers and oxide-trapped charges are detected in the bottom–collector junction of the 3DG110 transistors. Meanwhile, based mostly on the GNPN transistors, the DLTS signals of interface traps and displacement defects are measured in the bottom–collector junction. By comparison of the amendment in electrical parameters and therefore the DLTS signals, it's found that the interface traps induce an enhanced effect to displacement defects in the bottom–collector junction of NPN BJT, whereas the oxide-trapped charge will suppress the DLTS signals of deep-level centers to a certain extent. Compared with the suppression action, the enhanced impact rising from ionization harm offers additional contribution to the displacement harm. Moreover, the bias used throughout DLTS measurements can influence the characteristics of DLTS signals caused by oxide-trapped charge and interface traps. With increasing bias, both the height and temperature of ionization defect peaks in the DLTS spectra will increase, illustrating that concentration and energy level of those defects are raised.

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