DaemonGuard: Enabling O/S-Orchestrated Fine-Grained Software-Based Selective-Testing in Multi-/Many-Core Microprocessors


As technology scales deep into the sub-micron regime, transistors lessen reliable. Future systems are widely predicted to suffer from considerable aging and wear-out effects. This ominous threat has urged system designers to develop effective run-time testing methodologies that may monitor and assess the system's health. In this work, we have a tendency to investigate the potential of online software-based mostly practical testing at the granularity of individual microprocessor core elements in multi-/several-core systems. Whereas existing techniques monolithically test the complete core, our approach aims to scale back testing time by avoiding the over-testing of under-utilised units. To facilitate fine-grained testing, we have a tendency to introduce DaemonGuard, a framework that enables the real-time observation of individual sub-core modules and performs on-demand selective testing of only the modules that have recently been stressed. Moreover, we tend to investigate the impact of the cache hierarchy on the testing method and we develop a cache-aware selective testing methodology that considerably expedites the execution of memory-intensive take a look at programs. The monitoring and check-initiation method is orchestrated by a clear, minimally-intrusive, and light-weight operating system process that observes the use of individual datapath components at run-time. We tend to perform a series of experiments employing a full-system, execution-driven simulation framework running a commodity operating system, real multi-threaded workloads, and check programs. Our results indicate that operating-system-assisted selective testing at the sub-core level leads to substantial savings in testing time and very low impact on system performance. Additionally, the cache-aware testing technique is shown to be terribly effective in exploiting the memory hierarchy to further minimize the testing time.

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