Accelerating Irregular Computation in Massive Short Reads Mapping on FPGA Co-Processor


Because there's an enormous quantity of genomic information, next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications cause important challenges to current computing systems. In this study, we investigate both algorithmic and architectural methods to accelerate an NGS knowledge analysis algorithm—short read mapping on commodity multi-core platform and customizable field programmable gate array (FPGA) co-processor design, respectively. A workload analysis reveals that conventional memory optimization is restricted in its irregular computation of low arithmetic intensity and non-contiguous memory access pattern. To mitigate the inherent irregular computation in mapping, we tend to have developed a FPGA co-processor primarily based on Convey computer, which employs a scatter-gather memory mechanism that exploits both bit-level and word-level parallelism. The customized FPGA co-processor achieves a throughput of Gbp per day, regarding times beyond that of current mapping tools on single CPU core. Moreover, the co-processor's power potency is times over that of a standard sixty four-core multi-processor.

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