An Effective Coverage Scheme With Passive-Reflectors for Urban Millimeter-Wave Communication


While millimeter-wave (mm-wave) Communication will provide abundant spectrum and support high knowledge rate for future 5G systems, its coverage capability in urban environments may be a vital issue because of the severe penetration loss. In this letter, we have a tendency to propose a easy scheme to enhance the coverage space of a cell focused with an mm-wave base station. This key idea is to employ multiple passive-reflectors to replicate the mm-wave to the non-line-of-sight (NLOS) regions with low received power levels. In order to enhance the received power, a design technique for the passive-reflector is mentioned intensively. Numerical experiment for an out of doors urban environment is presented. The numerical results show that, with the proposed scheme, the coverage radius of an mm-wave cell can be remarkably increased. This indicates that our scheme is an enticing possibility to alleviate the mm-wave coverage downside for future 5G systems.

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