A Generalized dSpliceType Framework to Detect Differential Splicing and Differential Expression Events Using RNA-Seq


Transcriptomes are routinely compared in term of a list of differentially expressed genes followed by purposeful enrichment analysis. Thanks to the technology limitations of microarray, the molecular mechanisms of differential expression is poorly understood. Using RNA-seq information, we tend to propose a generalized dSpliceType framework to systematically investigate the synergistic and antagonistic effects of differential splicing and differential expression. We applied the method to two public RNA-seq information sets and compared the transcriptomes between treatment and control conditions. The generalized dSpliceType detects and prioritizes a listing of genes that are differentially expressed and/or spliced. In particular, the multivariate dSpliceType is among the fist to utilize sequential dependency of normalized base-wise browse coverage signals and capture biological variability among replicates employing a multivariate statistical model. We have a tendency to compared dSpliceType with 2 alternative methods in terms of 5 most typical varieties of differential splicing events between two conditions using RNA-Seq. dSpliceType is free, offered from http://dsplicetype.sourceforge.Net/.

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