Touchless and always-on cloud analytics as a service


Despite fashionable advances in automation and managed services, many finish users of cloud services stay involved about the lack of visibility into their operational environments. The underlying principles of existing approaches used to help users gain visibility into their runtimes do not apply to these days's dynamic cloud environment where virtual machines and containers operate as processes of the cloud operating system. We gift close to field monitoring (NFM), a cloud-native framework for monitoring cloud systems and providing operational analytics services. With NFM, we tend to employ cloud, virtualization, and containerization abstractions to provide in depth visibility into running entities in the cloud, in an exceedingly touchless manner, i.e., while not modifying, instrumenting, or accessing among the end-user context. Operating outside the context of the target systems allows continuously-on monitoring independent of their health. Using an NFM implementation on OpenStack, we tend to demonstrate the capabilities of NFM, in addition to its monitoring accuracy and potency. NFM is sensible and general, supporting a lot of than 1,000 completely different system distributions, permitting instantaneous monitoring as a guest system becomes hosted on the cloud, without any setup prerequisites or enforced cooperation.

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