The Effect of FRT Behavior of VSC-HVDC-Connected Offshore Wind Power Plants on AC/DC System Dynamics


Future Power Systems can contain a lot of converter-based mostly generation, among which are the voltage-supply converter-high-voltage direct-current (VSC-HVDC)-connected offshore wind power plants (WPP). Their interaction with the onshore system influences Power System dynamics within the transient stability timeframe. The respective protection and control ways which cause this interaction should be taken into consideration in grid-integration studies performed nowadays. This paper gives insight into the impact of typically needed fault ride through (FRT) and post-FRT measures of VSC-HVDC-connected offshore WPPs on the combined ac and HVDC system dynamics. Many vital sensitivities are addressed, among which are: one) FRT implementation, 2) the postfault active power-recovery rates, 3) the ac network dynamic characteristics, and four) the HVDC topology. The analysis is first performed as a symbol of concept on a small benchmark system, and subsequently generalized to a practical dynamic model of the longer term Northwestern European Power System. The results of this paper will be used as a reference for understanding the effects of large-scale VSC-HVDC-connected offshore WPPs on the soundness of the onshore interconnected Power Systems.

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