A Novel Addressing and Routing Architecture for Cloud-Service Datacenter Networks


Datacenter networks, also known as DCNs, are an essential component in the delivery of cloud services. The expansion of a network's bandwidth and size leads to a sharp rise in the amount of energy that a DCN consumes, as well as in the amount that it costs. Several aspects of a DCN's design, including its topology structure, addressing scheme, and routing mechanism, all play a role in determining the network's energy consumption, complexity, and cost. In this paper, a novel addressing and routing architecture for cloud-service distributed computing networks (DCNs) with regular topologies is proposed. First and foremost, we suggest a port-based source-routing addressing (PSRA) scheme. This method eliminates the need for the table-lookup operation, which in turn reduces the complexity of the switch. Next, by utilizing the properties of PSRA and the regularity of DCN topologies, an extremely simple routing mechanism is designed. This mechanism does not involve switches, does not involve the interaction of control messages, and does not store topology information. In conclusion, a fault-tolerance mechanism with high efficiency is suggested for the architecture of the addressing and the routing. The results of the analysis, implementation, and simulation indicate that the proposed architecture not only reduces the amount of energy that is consumed, and consequently the cost of a DCN, but it also improves the routing performance, and it solves the problem of fault tolerance in an extremely effective manner.

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