Black-Box for Blockchain Parameters Adjustment


This paper presents a function known as a black box for evaluating the performance of Blockchain technology. The Solana Blockchain test network is run by the function, and the only differences between it and the main network are found in a configuration file and the physical network in which it is intended to operate. The black box receives the setup parameters as an input, launches Blockchain in the cloud, simulates the activity of artificial users, and produces two outputs: the number of transactions per second (tps) and the drop rate. The setup includes the six most important integer parameters and a network with three computers that are hosted in the cloud by default. However, using black-box configuration files, users have the ability to change any of the eighty-nine parameters, change the number of computers that are hosted in the network, or use local computers. The objective of the problem being solved is to maximize the tps while maintaining a drop rate of zero. Due to the fact that the black-box, like real blockchains, makes use of network Communication, reproducibility is an essential component of the design. In addition, we provide an optimization baseline that demonstrates how the non-trivial results can be attained.

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