BCsRNG: A Secure Random Number Generator Based on Blockchain


Numerous fields, including numerical computing, statistical simulation, random sampling, and others, make extensive use of random numbers. At the moment, the process that computers use to generate random numbers is susceptible to being attacked by malicious users. The random numbers that are generated may, in some circumstances, be anticipated. However, the RNGs that are currently used in Blockchain technology are not robust enough to withstand attacks. Because of this, it is essential to strengthen the protections afforded to random numbers. In this paper, an improvement to the random number generator as well as the design of a Blockchain-based random number generator are presented (BCsRNG). In actuality, an encapsulated function algorithm for generating a secure random number is developed in conjunction with the smart contract. In addition, an application programming interface (API) is provided to facilitate data input and output. The findings of the experiments indicate that the random numbers produced by BCsRNG have a higher degree of randomness and security, in addition to being difficult to decipher.

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