A Method for Reducing Secondary Field Effects in Asymmetric MRI Gradient Coil Design


Goal: This research introduces a resourceful methodology for the design of MRI gradient coils that reduces secondary field effects created by eddy current coupling. The method is ready to accommodate uneven coils and provides a replacement method to ensure a discount in the magnitude of the eddy current induced fields. Ways: New constraints are introduced at the surface of passive objects to bind the normal field element below a given value. This value is decided by initial treating the passive surface as a vigorous surface, and then, calculating the best stream function on that surface to produce the required secondary field. Two coils were designed, one to image the knee and the opposite to image the top and neck. Results: The secondary field was analyzed using linear regression and was found to boost the secondary field from 10.forty one to 0.498 mT/m and from seven.eighty four to 0.286 mT/m within the examples used. The power loss within the passive structure also decreased to below one% of the first value using the new methodology. Conclusion: The strategy shows the power to constrain the sector to values below the minimum seen below the traditional approaches. Significance: This will enable the design of asymmetric systems with highly linear, reduced magnitude of secondary fields and might lead to raised image quality.

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