From Wearable Sensors to Smart Implants-–Toward Pervasive and Personalized Healthcare


Objective: This paper discusses the evolution of pervasive healthcare from its inception for activity recognition using wearable sensors to the long run of sensing implant deployment and knowledge processing. Strategies: We tend to give an summary of some of the past milestones and up to date developments, categorized into totally different generations of pervasive sensing applications for health monitoring. This is followed by a review on recent technological advances that have allowed unobtrusive continuous sensing combined with various technologies to reshape the clinical workflow for each acute and chronic disease management. We tend to discuss the opportunities of pervasive health monitoring through information linkages with different health informatics systems together with the mining of health records, clinical trial databases, multiomics knowledge integration, and social media. Conclusion: Technical advances have supported the evolution of the pervasive health paradigm toward preventative, predictive, personalized, and participatory drugs. Significance: The sensing technologies discussed during this paper and their future evolution can play a key role in realizing the goal of sustainable healthcare systems.

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