Walking Assistance Using Artificial Primitives: A Novel Bioinspired Framework Using Motor Primitives for Locomotion Assistance Through a Wearable Cooperative Exoskeleton


Bioinspiration in robotics deals with applying biological principles to the look of higher performing devices. In this text, we have a tendency to propose a unique bioinspired framework using motor primitives for locomotion help through a wearable cooperative exoskeleton. In specific, the employment of motor primitives for aiding different locomotion modes (i.e., ground-level walking at many cadences and ascending and descending stairs) is explored by means of 2 totally different ways. In the first strategy, identified motor primitives are combined through weights to directly produce the specified assistive torque profiles. In the second strategy, identified motor primitives are combined to serve as neural stimulations to a virtual model of the musculoskeletal system, which, in flip, produces the desired assistive torque profiles.

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