Multichannel Double-Row Transmission Line Array for Human MR Imaging at Ultrahigh Fields


Objective: In microstrip transmission line (MTL) transmit/receive (transceive) arrays used for ultrahigh field MRI, the array length is usually constrained by the desired resonant frequency, limiting the image coverage. The purpose of this study is to extend the imaging coverage and conjointly improve its parallel imaging capability by utilizing a double-row style. Ways: A sixteen-channel double-row MTL transceive array was designed, made, and tested for human head imaging at 7 T. Array parts between 2 rows were decoupled by using the induced current elimination or magnetic wall decoupling technique. In vivo human head images were acquired, and g-factor results were calculated to guage the performance of this double-row array. Results: Testing results showed that every one coil elements were well decoupled with a better than –eighteen dB transmission coefficient between any 2 components. The double-row array improves the imaging quality of the lower portion of the human head, and has low g-factors even at high acceleration rates. Conclusion: Compared with a regular single-row MTL array, the double-row array demonstrated a larger imaging coverage along the z-direction with improved parallel imaging capability. Significance: The proposed technique is significantly suitable for the look of huge-sized transceive arrays with massive channel counts, which ultimately benefits the imaging performance in human MRI.

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