Optimizing Study on the Concave Arc Surfaced C-Shaped Armature With Medium and Small Calibers


Previous studies on solid armatures show that concave-arc-surfaced C-shaped armature (ASCA) will improve the contact pressure and current distribution at the armature/rail interface in an exceedingly railgun system. But, concrete design or parameter study of the concave ASCA is rarely mentioned. In truth, besides the essential structural parameters for standard C-shaped armatures, there are two more key structural parameters for the concave ASCA, namely, the radius ( ) and also the central angle ( of their surface arc. During this paper, three matching models of the concave armatures contacting with the corresponding rail structures are discussed and compared, and consequently, the best structure pattern of the contact is presented. Meanwhile, the radius and therefore the central angle of the arc within the ASCA are proposed and analyzed. With a mounted railgun caliber and minimum thickness of armature trailing edge, the optimal and are determined according to the present distribution obtained in simulation. The concave ASCAs for square-caliber railgun of twenty, thirty, 40, and 50 mm calibers are mentioned, and their optimal structural parameters are presented, respectively.

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