Exploiting the Power of Multiplicity: A Holistic Survey of Network-Layer Multipath


The Internet is inherently a multipath network: For an underlying network with only a single path, connecting varied nodes would have been debilitatingly fragile. Unfortunately, ancient Internet technologies have been designed around the restrictive assumption of one operating path between a supply and a destination. The shortage of native multipath support constrains network performance even because the underlying network is richly connected and has redundant multiple ways. Laptop networks can exploit the power of multiplicity, through that a numerous collection of methods is resource pooled as one resource, to unlock the inherent redundancy of the Internet. This reveal a brand new vista of opportunities, promising increased throughput (through concurrent usage of multiple ways) and increased reliability and fault tolerance (through the utilization of multiple paths in backup/redundant arrangements). There are many emerging trends in networking that signify that the Internet's future will be multipath, as well as the utilization of multipath technology in information center computing; the prepared availability of multiple heterogeneous radio interfaces in wireless (like Wi-Fi and cellular) in wireless devices; ubiquity of mobile devices that are multihomed with heterogeneous access networks; and the development and standardization of multipath transport protocols such as multipath TCP. The aim of this paper is to supply a comprehensive survey of the literature on network-layer multipath solutions. We have a tendency to will gift a detailed investigation of two vital style issues, particularly, the control plane downside of the way to compute and select the routes and therefore the knowledge plane downside of how to separate the flow on the computed ways. The most contribution of this paper may be a systematic articulation of the most style issues in network-layer multipath routing along with a broad-ranging survey of the vast literature on network-layer multipathin- . We also highlight open problems and establish directions for future work.

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