An Unified Multiscale Framework for Planar, Surface, and Curve Skeletonization


Computing skeletons of 2D shapes, and medial surface and curve skeletons of 3D shapes, could be a difficult task. In particular, there is no unified framework that detects all types of skeletons using a single model, and additionally produces a multiscale representation which allows to progressively simplify, or regularize, all skeleton types. During this paper, we have a tendency to gift such a framework. We have a tendency to model skeleton detection and regularization by a conservative mass transport method from a shape’s boundary to its surface skeleton, next to its curve skeleton, and at last to the form center. The resulting density field will be thresholded to get a multiscale representation of progressively simplified surface, or curve, skeletons. We detail a numerical implementation of our framework that is demonstrably stable and has high computational potency. We demonstrate our framework on many complex 2D and 3D shapes.

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