Distribution Line Parameter Estimation Under Consideration of Measurement Tolerances


State estimation and management approaches in electrical distribution grids depend upon precise electrical models which will be inaccurate. This work presents a novel method of estimating distribution line parameters using only root mean square voltage and power measurements below consideration of measurement tolerances, noise, and asynchronous timestamps. A measurement tolerance compensation model and an alternate illustration of the power flow equations without voltage section angles are introduced. The line parameters are obtained using numeric strategies. The simulation demonstrates in case of the series conductance that the absolute compensated error is -1.05% and -1.07% for each representations, as opposed to the expected uncompensated error of -seventy nine.68%. Identification of a laboratory distribution line using real measurement knowledge grid yields a deviation of half-dozen.seventy fivepercent and four.00%, respectively, from a calculation based on the manufacturer's cable specifications and estimated line length. The remodeled power flow equations deliver similar results despite the reduced downside complexity.

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