On localisation accuracy inside the human abdomen region


In this work, localisation of a source within an absorbing medium is considered. By an absorbing medium, the authors mean an environment where the signal power decays exponentially with distance. The authors assume that the source is heard by nearby sensors when transmitting and its position shall be estimated based on the received signal strength (RSS) by these sensors. Under these assumptions, the focus is to determine the Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB). Thus, the goal is to derive the theoretical performance limit for an optimal estimator, and to study the feasibility of RSS-based localisation in an absorbing environment and specifically in human abdominal region. The authors demonstrate that the CRLB greatly depends on the shadowing conditions, and also on the relative positions of the sensors and the source. Although the obtained results are quite general, the motivating application is localisation of capsule endoscope in human abdominal region. The authors find that the RSS-based method can reach the needed accuracy for localising a capsule endoscope.

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