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On Service Resilience in Cloud-Native 5G Mobile Systems

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On Service Resilience in Cloud-Native 5G Mobile Systems


To cope with the tremendous growth in mobile information traffic on one hand, and therefore the modest average revenue per user on the other hand, mobile operators are exploring network virtualization and cloud computing technologies to make cost-economical and elastic mobile networks and to own them offered as a cloud service. In such cloud-based mostly mobile networks, ensuring service resilience is an important challenge to tackle. Indeed, high availability and repair reliability are necessary requirements of carrier grade, but not essentially intrinsic features of cloud computing. Building a system that requires the five nines reliability on a platform that will not perpetually grant it is, therefore, a hurdle. Effectively, in carrier cloud, service resilience can be heavily impacted by a failure of any network function (NF) running on a virtual machine (VM). In this paper, we have a tendency to introduce a framework, along with economical and proactive restoration mechanisms, to ensure service resilience in carrier cloud. As restoration of a NF failure impacts a possible variety of users, adequate network overload control mechanisms are proposed. A mathematical model is developed to evaluate the performance of the proposed mechanisms. The obtained results are encouraging and demonstrate that the proposed mechanisms efficiently achieve their style goals.

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On Service Resilience in Cloud-Native 5G Mobile Systems - 4.7 out of 5 based on 73 votes

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