Secure control protocol for universal serial bus mass storage devices


The universal serial bus (USB) has some blessings like high transmission speed, plug-and-play and hot swapping, and has become the foremost fashionable interface commonplace for peripheral connections. But, such features conjointly build it easier for a malicious user to extract confidential files from pc systems via USB ports. Consequently, to manage the potential security risks of USB interface, many workplace and business firms have directly forbidden their staff from using USB devices. To provide a versatile manner of using USB without compromising security, this study proposes a novel secure management protocol for USB storage devices. The device and therefore the server are needed to finish mutual authentication and establish a session key used to encrypt the transferred files. The details of every phase of the new protocol are given. Security analysis demonstrates that the proposed protocol conquers those security pitfalls existing in the out there protocols and can resist various attacks. Performance discussion indicates that the new protocol is also efficient enough for sensible applications.

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