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WVSNP-DASH: Name-Based Segmented Video Streaming

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WVSNP-DASH: Name-Based Segmented Video Streaming


Video streaming from sensors and miniaturized devices is attractive for a big selection of web-based mostly applications, e.g., remote surveillance. Existing internet-based mostly video streaming frameworks, like the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) live streaming (HLS) and the motion image specialists cluster's dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH), have dependencies between the individual video segments and a manifest file that contains video metadata. Additionally, existing internet-based mostly video players are restricted to fetching video segments over TCP/IP networks. The video segment dependencies complicate video section distribution by resource-constrained source nodes, that may use non-TCP/IP protocols, like Zigbee. This paper proposes and evaluates a wireless video sensor network platform compatible DASH (WVSNP-DASH) framework and a WVSNP-DASH player (WDP) for flexible web-based access of video from sensors and alternative miniaturized source nodes. The WVSNP-DASH framework relies on independently playable video segments with a particular naming syntax that conveys elementary metadata thus on facilitate versatile search, transfer, distribution, and playback. The WDP employs elementary processes of version 5 of the hypertext markup language (HTML5) for video buffering and playback. Video segments are fetched into the HTML5 file system area, permitting flexible video fetching over a big selection of protocols, including sensor network protocols. Comparative evaluations of a WDP prototype with optimized HLS and MPEG-DASH players indicate that WDP has low consumer (receiver) load, whereas providing vital potential for power savings on the supply node serving the video streams.

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WVSNP-DASH: Name-Based Segmented Video Streaming - 4.9 out of 5 based on 18 votes

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