Local Anchor Schemes for Seamless and Low-Cost Handover in Coordinated Small Cells


Cellular systems are rapidly evolving from a homogeneous macrocell deployment to a heterogeneous deployment of macrocells overlaid with many small cells. The striking features of little cells include tiny coverage area, ad-hoc deployment, and flexible backhaul connectivity. These options call for a profound rethinking of traditional cellular concepts together with mobility management and interference management among others. Owing to the unique options, coordinated tiny cells or commonly called network of small cells promises several edges as well as economical mobility management in an exceedingly speedy and scalable fashion. The matter of handover in an exceedingly high-density little cell deployment is studied during this work. A novel local anchor-primarily based architecture for a static cluster of small cells is proposed using that new handover schemes are presented. Such clusters are prevalent within the evolving cellular systems involving high-density tiny cell deployments in urban, residential, and enterprise environments. A mathematical framework is developed using discrete-time-Markov-models to evaluate the proposed schemes. Using this, closed-form expressions for key handover metrics as well as handover cost and interruption time are derived. Extensive numerical and simulation studies indicate significant savings of over 50 % in the handover costs and, a lot of importantly, up to 80 % within the handover interruption time compared to the existing 3GPP scheme for coordinated little cells.

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