Defining Material Parameters in Commercial EM Solvers for Arbitrary Metal-Based THz Structures


Frequency-domain solvers are used extensively for modeling arbitrary metal-based terahertz structures. Four well-known commercially accessible electromagnetic (EM) modeling software packages include HFSSK pair of;, CST Microwave Studio®, EMPro, and RSoft. However, there are a number of operational issues that relate to how they will be used to get more meaningful and correct results. Even experienced users of these and similar software packages might not fully appreciate a number of the delicate ambiguities in defining boundaries and material parameters to be used in THz applications. To this end, an in depth comparative study has been undertaken, in consultation with all four vendors. First, so as to avoid introducing ambiguities, frequency dispersion in materials has got to be clearly outlined from first principles; in each intrinsic and effective forms. Completely different frequency dispersion models are then introduced for ‘metal-like’ materials. To act as benchmark structures, conventional air-crammed metal-pipe rectangular waveguides, associated cavity resonators and a spoof surface plasmon waveguide are simulated, employing a raft of various approaches; with a read to illustrating quantifiable weaknesses in commercial software packages for simulating arbitrary metal-based mostly THz structures. This paper highlights intuitive and logical approaches that offer incorrect results and, where attainable, makes recommendations for the foremost acceptable solutions that have hitherto not been given in Technical Notes.

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