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Energy Efficient Secure Communication Over Decode-and-Forward Relay Channels

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Energy Efficient Secure Communication Over Decode-and-Forward Relay Channels


During this paper, we tend to raise the priority on energy-efficient secure communication over a decode-and-forward relay network with potential eavesdroppers. Our objective is maximizing the secure energy efficiency (EE), that is defined because the ratio of secrecy rate to total power, subject to the given individual power, relay decoding rate, and target secrecy rate constraints. The problem is formulated as a unified mixed integer nonlinear optimization adapting to different assumptions of channel state info (CSI). To pander to this combinatorial optimization, a suboptimal solution theme is developed upon some mathematical ways as decoupling of mixed integer programming, fractional programming, dual decomposition, and distinction of convex functions programming. The core of the scheme is to rework the primal drawback into straightforward subproblems step by step, and then convex programming will be exploited finally. The proposed theme for the case with statistical eavesdropper's CSI, might be conditionally extended to the scenario with full CSI in that a native optimal resolution could be obtained in certain cases. Finally, the performance and achievable secure EE of the proposed algorithm are demonstrated by simulations where the tradeoff between secure EE and secrecy rate is also revealed.

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Energy Efficient Secure Communication Over Decode-and-Forward Relay Channels - 4.8 out of 5 based on 25 votes

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