Focusing translational-variant bistatic forward-looking synthetic aperture radar data using extended azimuth non-linear chirp scaling algorithm


Translational-variant bistatic forward-wanting synthetic aperture radar (TV-BFSAR) introduces three difficulties for the imaging algorithm, namely, giant vary cell migration (RCM), severe range–azimuth coupling and massive azimuth spatial variance. To handle these issues, an extended azimuth non-linear chirp scaling (EANLCS) algorithm is proposed. The essence is to get rid of the linear RCM and Doppler centroid and compensate the residual RCM and vary–azimuth coupling terms with secondary range compression. Thereafter, the EANLCS operation is applied to eliminate the azimuth-dependent frequency-modulation rate and cubic phase terms. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed algorithm in focusing TV-BFSAR data.

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