Magnetic Integration of Discrete-Coupled Inductors in Single-Phase Direct PWM AC–AC Converters


Recently, novel direct pulse width modulated (PWM) ac–ac converters using coupled inductors with switching cell structure are introduced as another to the standard ac–ac converter topology. The converters can effectively solve the commutation downside associated with the traditional direct PWM ac–ac converters. However, the two coupled inductors employed in the topology build the converters less engaging to be used in practical applications. This paper proposes magnetic integration of the discrete-coupled inductors in single-section ac–ac converters. The dc offset fluxes generated by the common-mode currents are cancelled out perfectly when the windings on the common core are appropriately organized, ensuing in ac flux solely. The proposed inductor shows significant improvements over discrete-coupled inductors, in that the proposed inductor will not have an air gap, it exhibits symmetrical winding currents, and it has smaller volume with giant current handling capability. The proposed inductor can handle a vast amount of current because of the absence of core saturation caused by this and is well suitable for prime power ac–ac conversion applications. The performance evaluation and comparison of the experimental results show that the web volume of the coupled magnetic components will be reduced by more than 50% with the proposed integration theme.

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