Ordering Heuristics for Reliability Evaluation of Multistate Networks


This paper develops ordering heuristics to enhance the potency of reliability evaluation for multistate 2-terminal networks given all minimal path vectors ( d-MPs for short). In the present strategies, all d-MPs are treated equally. However, we notice that the importance of each d-MP is totally different, and completely different orderings have an effect on the potency of reliability evaluation. Based mostly on the on top of observations, we introduce the length definitions for d-MPs during a multistate 2-terminal network, and develop four ordering heuristics, called O1, O2, O3, and O4, to enhance the efficiency of the Recursive Total of Disjoint Products (RSDP) technique for evaluating network reliability. The results show that the proposed ordering heuristics will considerably improve the reliability evaluation efficiency, and O1 performs the most effective among the four strategies. Still, an ordering heuristic is developed for the reliability evaluation of multistate 2-terminal networks given all minimal cut vectors ( d-MCs).

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