Cloud-centric multi-level authentication as a service for secure public safety device networks


With the advances in IoT, future public safety responders can be well armed with devices that pump knowledge between on-website responders and command centers, carrying helpful info concerning the event scene, the standing of a mission, and serving to vital selections to be made in real time. Likewise, wearable and on-body sensors can monitor the very important signals and well being of the responders. These connected devices or the so-known as IoT surrounding public safety responders generate highly vulnerable information, where security breaches could have life threatening consequences. Authentication of responder devices is crucial so as to control access to public safety networks. Most of the prevailing authentication schemes do not scale well with the big variety of devices of IoT, and don't seem to be fast enough to work throughout time-essential public safety missions. On the other hand, for general IoT services, cloud-primarily based solutions give unlimited resources for storing and accessing IoT data. However, the cloud might have some implications for sensitive data that are collected for public safety. Therefore, authentication solutions are desired to integrate well into the cloud environment. In this article, we have a tendency to propose cloud-centric, multi-level authentication as a service approach that addresses scalability and time constraints, and demonstrate its effectiveness. We draw future research directions for secure public safety networks in the presence of IoT devices and also the cloud.

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