Object Transportation Using a Cooperative Mobile Multi-Robot System


During this paper, we have a tendency to gift the look and construction of a multi-robot system so as to hold out the transportation of objects. We have a tendency to designed, simulated, implemented and compared two intelligent controllers for two differential mobile robots used for objects transportation. The management laws used were the Parallel Distributed Controller (PCD) with 2 rules and a fuzzy PD (Proportional Derivative) controller with 9 rules of Takagi-Sugeno type. The experimental setup uses 2 differential mobile robots for transporting a rigid object; this system was modeled jointly, using the instantaneous center of rotation, that allowed us to see the mandatory speed for every robot. For physical implementation were engineered and instrumented two mobile robots employing a Gumstix pc to carry out the Digital Signal Processing. The synchronization of two mobile robots was accomplished by monitoring the implemented algorithms. In the object transportation, the user sets the required trajectory indicating the start and end point among the system workspace. Finally, in the results section we present a smart correspondence between simulation and experimental results, and it absolutely was observed that the PDC controller has higher performance to hold out the transportation of objects irrespective of the initial conditions or reference system.

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