Preaggregation Functions: Construction and an Application


In this paper, we introduce the notion of preaggregation operate. Such a function satisfies the identical boundary conditions as an aggregation function, however, instead of requiring monotonicity, solely monotonicity along some fixed direction (directional monotonicity) is needed. We have a tendency to present some examples of such functions. We have a tendency to propose three completely different methods to build preaggregation functions. We have a tendency to experimentally show that in fuzzy rule-based classification systems, when we use one of those ways, namely, the one based mostly on the use of the Choquet integral replacing the product by alternative aggregation functions, if we consider the minimum or the Hamacher product t-norms for such construction, we improve the results obtained when applying the fuzzy reasoning ways obtained using two classical averaging operators like the utmost and the Choquet integral.

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