Nonintrusive On-Line Transition-Time Binning and Timing Failure Threat Detection for Die-to-Die Interconnects


Die-to-die interconnects linking multiple useful dies in a modern 3-D or a pair of.five-D IC by micro-bumps may experience resistance increase once bound time of field operation thanks to parametric defects or aging. To cope with this reliability threat, we gift an “on-line transition-time binning method” that aims to continuously detect excessive transition time occurring at a target die-to-die interconnect. Our technique attaches a monitor to the termination finish of every target interconnect. Any transition (rising or falling) is converted into a pulse-width first, which is then any compared to a dynamically tunable threshold for a binary pass/fail judgment. By multiple runs of transition-time monitoring while sweeping the brink incrementally, the “transition-time bin” of each target interconnect will be derived and thereby a timing failure threat will be detected by a monitor center before it truly strikes.

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